DistributorBoost lift your game
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  • Q. What is Distributor Boost?
    A. A. Distributor Boost is the industry's new marketplace. It is a powerful platform for Suppliers and Distributors to collaborate, create, communicate and do commerce at very high speed. Distributor Boost offers the capability to generate and broadcast customized catalogs/presentations within minutes. Users can also rely on this platform as a comprehensive search and lead generation tool.
  • Q. Why should I join Distributor Boost?
    A. Distributor Boost is the perfect marketplace for the promotional industry. It brings together quality Suppliers and Distributors, allowing them to collaborate with each other for better business opportunities. You can use the platform as an aid to achieve sales targets while saving on time and resources. The platform is a combination of 4 critical offerings:
    • A search and purchase engine for Distributors
    • A sales and marketing engine for Suppliers and Distributors
    • An analytical tool that generates insights
    • A technology platform to create web, mobile and digital assets
    Here is a brief summary of what we provide to boost your business:
    For Distributors:
    • 50,000 products from 100 Suppliers
    • Compare product prices from one location
    • Request quotes/samples and place orders
    • Create catalogs and presentations. Mail to an audience of one or of thousands
    • View analytic reports on how your target audience is responding to marketing communication
    For Suppliers:
    • Powerful search engine to help Distributors find your products from thousands
    • Transactional engine to conduct business along with Distributors
    • Marketing engine to create catalogs/presentations and broadcast/track/monetize the same
    • Analytical tool that offers insights on how your products and catalogs are being viewed and used. You can use these insights to optimize your marketing programs.
  • Q. How do I use Distributor Boost’s Search functionality?
    • On the Homepage’s search box, type in a general description that closely describes the kind of product you are looking for. For example, if you enter 'tote bag', you will get hundreds of results. But if you enter something more specific like 'shopping tote bag', your results will be narrowed down significantly.
    • Select the filter 'PRICE RANGE' on the homepage’s search box to zero down on products that fit within a particular budget range.
    • Select the filter ‘SUPPLIER’ on the homepage’s search box to find products belonging to Suppliers of your choice.
    • Browse products by categories. For example, you can visit the 'APPAREL' category to choose from products as diverse as pullovers, belts, t-shirts and blankets! After you select a particular sub-category, you can further filter your results by specifying the Supplier, Price Range or Color you are looking for.
  • Q. Can Distributors get in touch with Suppliers and vice-versa?
    A. Yes, Distributors can contact a Supplier through an Enquiry form. They can request a price quote or product sample. The Supplier can then respond to further business ties. Distributors can also get in touch with a Supplier through MY ACCOUNT -> COMPOSE MESSAGE. All they have to do is type in the registered Supplier's name in the ‘To’ field. A Supplier can get in touch with a Distributor in a similar fashion.
  • Q. How much do I have to pay to become a part of Distributor Boost?
    A. Absolutely nothing! Distributor Boost offers free listing to Suppliers who wish to showcase their products to Distributors. Distributors and Suppliers can collaborate with each other to take their business relationship to a whole new level.
  • Q. Is Distributor Boost compatible on multiple platforms?
    A. Yes, Distributor Boost is compatible across a wide range of devices –Desktops, Laptops and iPads.
  • Q. What browsers are compatible with Distributor Boost? What is the suggested resolution?
    A. Distributor Boost supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome The suggested resolution for Distributor Boost is 1024+.
  • Q. Can I access Distributor Boost from anywhere in the world?
    A. Yes, you can. All you need is a stable Internet connection.
  • Q. Does Distributor Boost provide analytical reports?
    A. Both Distributors and Suppliers have access to reports on how their marketing collateral performs after being sent out. A snapshot of the reports available with Distributor Boost is as follows:
    • Order History
    • Sample Requests
    • Quote Requests
    • Purchase Report
    These detailed reports will help you plan better for your campaign on Distributor Boost – ensuring maximum audience outreach.
  • Q. What is a Toolbox? How do I use it?
    A. The Toolbox is a personal workspace where you can create a Wishlist featuring products you want to promote. Products from your Wishlist can then be used in marketing collateral such as catalogs and presentations – these can then be broadcast to target audiences of one or thousands within minutes.
  • Q. How does ‘My Projects’ under Toolbox help me?
    A. 'My Projects' will help you get organized by allowing you to create individual folders with products that can be used in Catalogs or Presentations. Each folder in this section can be conveniently named and retrieved whenever the creator wishes to. Folders should be ideally created based on the nature of products or the target audience it is intended for.
  • Q. How do I create customized presentations?
    A. Go to your Toolbox and select the products you wish to add from the Wishlist. Click on the 'CREATE A PRESENTATION' icon on the right – a new window will open. You can then add title, a Heading/Sub Heading and your logo. Choose a theme that matches your branding requirements. Once you are satisfied with the final presentation, you can save and email it to a target audience of your choice. Click on any of the following links to view a sample presentation:
    • Sample Presentation 1
    • Sample Presentation 2
  • Q. How do I create customized catalogs?
    A. Go to your Toolbox and select the products you wish to add from the Wishlist. Click on the 'CREATE A CATALOG' icon on the right – a new window will open. Choose a template and customize the front, back and inner covers to represent your branding. Distributor Boost then allows you to implement the pricing strategy of your choice for the catalog. The options include the following:
    • Default Price
    • % Discount
    • Value Discount
    • Individual Price Edit
    After you are satisfied with the catalog, you can save and email it to a target audience of your choice. Click on any of the following links to view a sample catalog:
    • Sample Catalog 1
    • Sample Catalog 2
  • Q. How do I get my products listed on Distributor Boost?
    A. Get in touch with the Distributor Boost team at (email ID). We can pick up data in one of the following ways:
    • By linking with your database through a web service
    • Upload an XML on FTP. We will use a Windows service to access the data
    • Extract data from a spreadsheet
    The first 2 options are recommended as our automated system will directly pick up your products and list them on our site. Further updates on your site will be reflected on ours as well.
  • Q. What kind of growth opportunities can I expect from Distributor Boost?
    A. By showcasing your products on our site, you are making it easier for Distributors to get in touch and do business with you. Expect qualified, genuine leads from registered Distributors who will get in touch with you to request samples or price quotes.
    You can also create marketing collateral such as Catalogs or Presentations and send them out to a target audience ranging from one to thousands.
  • Q. Who can view the products I showcase on Distributor Boost?
    A. All visitors can view the products showcased by you on Distributor Boost. They can compare prices and send an e-mail as well. However, only registered users will get info on the Supplier associated with the products they are viewing.
  • Q. How can I use the information provided in reports to my advantage?
    A. Our reports allow you to monitor distributor activities based around your product offering. From this, you can uncover trends and marketing potential.